Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas…

Today, I found some pleasure shopping in the mall of all places. I had a running track record of not being in a mall in over three years but for the second time in three months I have entered the mecca of materialism. Although, today, I embraced it with gusto and offerred up all my discretionary cash on some not so neccessary items.

I feel like maybe I am just trying to distract myself. I suppose thinking about money is one way to do it. I know of others. Like going out to play. I actually have some friends to meet up with which is rare and VJ is coming up to stay out the house. Tonight I will be found at the “Cattle Prod” to try a little dancing and alot of alcohol to further distract me. Luckenbach “Hug In” festivities tomorrow offering live music from two of my favorite, Terri Hendrix and Susan G. It will be a nice little baby road trip.

Trying to stay busy so I don’t wither away…trying to stay busy so I don’t have to remember.

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