Janaury 30, 2010

DixiesRoadTrip.com was developed as a place for me to collect all the things that interest me and to share that with my family and friends. Since I first put up the site in late 1999, it has evolved with each passing year. Usually because I want to try out some new technology or to integrate another hobby of mine like my photography. Now, with the addition of the blog, sometimes my passions for politics and my own civil rights slips in as well. Mostly, I am just interested in sharing some of what’s happening in my life at any given moment.

It has always been inspired by my grandma Dixie, the most dynamic, engaging woman I have ever met. But, this site is about me and I have always wanted to have a place where it is easy for my friends and family to catch up with me when they are interested. So, it is the commitment to them that keeps me updating it and allowing it to change (and why I return to it regularly).

I am glad you have stopped by and I hope you find something that interests you while you are here.

If you do, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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