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A Night at Disney

I set about editing more of my first video footage shot with the new HD. This one is from February, 2009. I was in Orlando for [a conference] and shot reels of useless footage but I managed to find some little gems. Here is the first one. I might have a couple more out of it.

This is one of the two evenings where fellow conference attendees from Texas Toni, Sara, Diane and I jumped parks to see different parts of Disney at night. I think it’s Epcot and then MGM on this night.

[edited July 4, 2009 12:47pm]


With the recent break up of a good friend, it’s a pseudo girls weekend. Headed out on a wild trip to…Oklahoma City. WooHoo! Sometimes I forget my own connection to the place. We will see if I am inspired at all for a photo essay of this road trip.

It looks like rain today.

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