a review of Outerspace

I don’t think I’d make a good reviewer. You have to have the ability to write critically and I just don’t have the skills. But, I’ll tell you Susan’s cd is exceptional. ..so here’s my amateurish review.

In Outerspace, songwriter Susan Gibson has found a cd that is travelling in the same direction as her unique personal style. Using skillful and mature variations in the delivery of each song, it stands out like the songwriter herself, being unique in some ways and traditional in others. Her second solo effort is packed full of a variety of styles from country to folk to simple down home roots-rock. She’ll even tell about her Methodist rap song in her introduction to “No Fair”, sure to come with “potato chips sprinkled on top”. With the addition of some ethereal qualities like the ones found on “Still Time”, it is suitable to represent the title, Outerspace. She is even bold enough to experiment. While it is not this reviewers favorite result, she gets points for keeping true to her own creative vision. This is her most collaborative project to date with cowriters like Jim Lauderdale, “Happiest When I’m Moving”; Randy Scruggs, “Upon Re-entry” and others. A live version of “Wide Open Spaces”, penned by Gibson and made one of the most recognized country songs of all times by the Dixie Chicks is included.

 whatever, i tried.

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