my walt crush

He said ‘nature loves to get tangled…trees and roots and us, all of us’. This is a perfect example of why he reminds me of Emerson and why I love him and his music.

I was thinking about how he once said he was almost a preacher. He talked about a time when he went to seminary but finally chose a different path. He “tangles” themes of spirituality and love and passion in his songs. I am mesmerized (he looks a bit like Jesus too).

I’d have gone to his church and listened to him whisper the psalms in my ear. I don’t know what I’d have prayed for but I’d have listened. Like my own little pied piper. I can just see him sitting around a ring of fire, face lighted by red hues of flames, flames reflected in the face of his walnut guitar, him singing praises to nature and higher powers and me sitting on the log closest to him looking up with school girl longing – quiet and achingly still.

welcome to my little Walt Wilkins fantasy.

come lay down here beside me.
let’s lie real still
tell me you’ll love me
and you always will.

So, Sunday night brought Walt and Susan together for an acoustic show. These are the nights that fit so perfect. Just being in the crowd of a show like this one makes me feel free. I can forget everything and let my self be moved to places of peace (and school girl crushes). Susan on my right, Walt on my left. Happy, Happy.

Another guy joined them, Brandon Rhyder. I was duly impressed with him. I actually already knew a couple of his songs that were recorded by Wade Bowen so I had some familiarity with his work. I just hadn’t known him to seek him live.

Now it’s late and my projects are keeping me awake too late. Tonight, I am a night owl.

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