nervous ticks

I’ve got a twitch in my right eyelid and in the bend of my right elbow. They’ve been there for days. It seems to be some kind of nervous tick showing itself? It’s incredibly annoying.

I decided on option “C” last night which is to say, instead of seeing any music at all, I just stayed home and watched TV. Well, napped might be a more appropriate description. Tonight, hayseed and I went to Jefferson Freedom Cafe in the Unitarian Church to see Terri Hendrix. She’s inspiring and fun to watch…something mature and something more political in her songs and performance too. It was a great show. Just occasionally distracting as I was looking through my own flitting eyelid.

I think I need like a good weeks worth of sleep and just start all over in the sleep bank (If you believe in such a thing.)

Tomorrow, Susan Gibson and Walt Wilkins…I just don’t know how to decide who I will gush over more 🙂

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