music weekend

Catie Curtis is playing here in Dallas tonight and that hillbilly pilgrim guy, Mark Erelli is opening for her. I have his cd (a gift) but it just hasn’t grown on me yet. Maybe I’ll find something in his live performance, I’ve yet to discover in the recording.

There’s so much music this week. It comes in waves. I’m not so sure if I’ve got the wherewithall to make all the shows. Sunday’s a given. Susan and Walt in one place. Friday is a challenge… Poor David’s is hosting Hayes Carll but the tea room has Melissa Ferrick. I like her enough but her shows are more about the people who show up than the music itself. Better than the bar. However, when you’re not looking what’s the point?

Saturday, Terri Hendrix is playing a coffee house show in Ft Worth. I suspect I’ll go but two nights in a row in Ft Worth is a haul even for me dedicated music lover.

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