I am trying to think of something to write. Seems kind of pointless if you have to force it. The thing is, I spend so much time in my car or somewhere else thinking just how I’d write the thing, anything, but by the time I get here it gets lost in the void.

So, I was out near Huntsville for a couple of days. Huntsville looks like the places of my childhood in Houston. Tall pine trees, black asphalt, and pine needles blanketing every inch of ground. Of course I took some of the area back roads on my way back home. I did manage to find my way back to that large Sam Houston statue off of 45. I’ll get those pictures up soon. Sam Houston’s face was in an amphitheater was almost as tall as me. In any event, being in that area reminds me of home, my mom, my brother, and even John.

I don’t want anyone to panic but my mother voted for Bush. It came as a pretty big surprise. She wrote this gracious email saying how disappointed I must be and how she a David voted against the amendment. Then she said she’d call me later. She did, said she did in fact place her highly precious Ohio vote for Bush because she thought Kerry was a wimp. She said Bush was better for our security. Keep him there, keep the terrorist at bay. I blame her military upbringing.

You know, there is the right, the left, the compassionate conservative but what the hell do you call a live and let live liberal, who doesn’t believe in social reform and votes for the phantom of national security? We had a lively and respectful conversation. She said David’s vote cancelled her anyway. I was amazed to hear her say that it was the first time she’d voted since Nixon.

I also had to stop listening to talk radio for awhile. I need a break from the anger. The news just weighs me down. It is very suppressing right now. Now it’s Jay Leno and Late Night fluff for me.

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