Be careful what you go looking for as you might not like it

I think someone should write an article on blogging etiquette.

When you should reply, when you shouldn’t. When you should expect replies, when you shouldn’t…don’t forget use words like open thread, and ghosting and lurking (the ugly side).

I’ve been involved in a special task committee at work dealing with knowledge management so we have added a blogging tool for all our local offices to communicate with each other in an effort to become “one association”. I was sitting with another member of the committee at the airport and he was expressing his frustration at the limited responses to his posts and I giggled unexpectedly though he didn’t notice. Just this week, there is a meaty discussion on the value of this tool to us. With the exception of an older colleague, everyone is finding something useful, but I wonder if they are sitting there like g., getting his feelings hurt.

And, me.

So, what made me giggle was that I was reminded of the same discussion I had with a friend recently. I was saddened at the little responses I had on some occasions and even when I replied was also saddened at the slight recognition. And, never mind the time I was accused of being someone else and the little drama that settled on me in this dirty film that was uncomfortable until I was able to let go of the false accusations and remember that this world isn’t always about me. Convoluted. I think about what I do and do not write anymore, I think about how I temper myself sometimes, I think about how I make things private when I suddenly change my mind about sharing, I think about what discussion I am going to have to have tomorrow because of what I write today. I like the disclaimer on ‘s journal and have found myself saying something similar on occasion. Be careful what you go looking for as you might not like it when you get it. It happens and it’s scary and sometimes it is connected in unsettling ways.

I guess it’s time to ask myself why I live journal and are my expectations of it unrealistic. I spend more of my time reading journals than I do writing anymore anyway.

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