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Leading Change

I keep coming back to a handout that I was given at a meeting for work. I found a website with more detail, The 8 Step Process for Leading Change. This combined with Heifetz Leadership in a Crisis from Harvard Business Review inspires me with ideas for relationship management and social change especially for work in the areas of Membership Recruitment and Fund Development.

I just need time to really build some foundation and structure around this process and my ideas.

Working for Scissors

Thankfully, I am not among the cubits but here is an interesting blog for all you cube dwellers out there looking to commiserate with others of like mind: http://workingforscissors.blogspot.com/. Scissor Girl takes Q&A too.

where've you been, i've looked for you forever and a day

I guess I took a unexpected long break from writing. It took me forever to catch up on all my friends post. just a warning, this might get long.

Sometimes I complain about being busy for work but man! Since December, it feels like I have been non-stop 18 hour days. In a good way. So many things have been happening. I’ve been learning more about public relations than I could have ever dreamed with corporate sponsoring, a new image, a new corporate logo, and a new magazine; I’ve been trained to deal with the media during a crisis; and then the conferences, conference and more conferences.

Last week I was in Orlando for our national meeting. I wish there was more to say but it was all work and frankly, I am finding it increasingly boring to keep talking about it. So, I am moving on to the more interesting topics.

The International Society of Poets was also having their big annual conference at the same hotel in Orlando. Talk about a diverse group of people. In one walk down the hall, I saw every ethnicity, every generation, all sexualities and genders, several disabilities and a dwarf. One afternoon while having a small meeting outside, we were treated to recitations of poetry from the adjacent table. Blah! But she had one of the silver bowls. Winner in some category of what must have been a million categories by the number of big silver bowls walking around attached to members of the diverse group.

After a week and a day in Orlando I came home for a one day, then turned back around to Kerrville for another meeting. Luckily, Monday night at the Inn of the Hills is live music night. This is why I like meetings in Texas. With little or no effort, I can find music in the places I have to go to work and on any night of the week. Brandon Rhyder and Drew Womack performed this last show. The special or at least interesting treat of the night was when Charlie Robison showed up just to watch the show.

No one believed me that it was him at first but after I went and got his autograph they finally conceded. Eventually, this group of camp directors got him to come over to their table. It should be noted that by that time, Charlie was good and drunk….a good and fun loving honest drunk! He told a story about a bet with Tuff Hedeman, Billy Bobs, a thousand dollars and a single punch. Charlie pulled a wad of bills from his pearl snap shirt pocket and dropped them haphazardly on the table to demonstrate that he won. I even managed to offend him when I said…make sense you won, he’s a little fella like most bull riders. I think I was lucky he was drunk. He still managed to shoot me a look and even started to say something but he was so drunk he lost his thought midway. He had to be carried out a short time later. Should I met him again, I doubt he’ll even remember me much less my offending remark. I kinda hope I do met him again. I think he’s quite facinating. He’s a real cowboy and you know, I dig real cowboys…

My birthday’s coming up soon. I already got a fantastic present. The Nikon D70 digital SLR It’s the sweetest thing ever…I’ll have pictures up on my website soon enough. This week, I am taking off work to follow Susan, Walt and Brandon who are touring together all over Texas and Oklahoma. I’ll finish the tour at Gruene which has to be the best place ever to see live music.

On a bit of a tangent, is anyone else sick of Norah Jones being on every soundtrack to every love story movie out these days?

Now I think I’ll go do some much needed work around the house. Hopefully, I’ll keep up better in the future.

what's been happening.

I’ve been gone to Indianapolis for most of last week and a good part of this one. I feel like I have been really unproductive since my return but my butt has hardly moved from this computer since I got back…one more conference to run next week and I will finally have some breathing room until January. This meeting in Indy was just too long.

It’s funny that after a few important conversations, I realize that I am seen as a young professional. It serves me in some ways and irks me in others. When people think you are young, everything that comes out of your mouth that makes sense seems amazing and brilliant. Speak a coherent sentence and you’re genius but never you mind about being asked to participate in the important decisions.

I am a little pissy and bitter to discover that my age is the most likely reason. You think this goes away after you reach thirty but it doesn’t. Age is experience and baby faces need not apply.

But I can make an impact regardless. I exercised my civic duty today…I took advantage of early voting because I have to be in Austin on the actual election day. Isn’t it weird to go vote in a church? I was in my shorts, ratty t-shirt and yellow ball cap. I wondered if people could tell my political bent by how I was dressed. I voted on an electronic touch screen. Signed away my rights on some form they didn’t let me read. Well, they never said I couldn’t read it but they were pushing me pretty hard to move along and vote. Maybe my vote will count for something. Last election, Dallas county was barely more than 50% Republican. If it went Democrat that would be something. Maybe next time the candidate would at least make an appearance here.

If you are in the reach of my words, make sure you cast your vote.

It’s raining tonight. I am fighting the desire to go crawl into bed and finish reading the Librarian. As soon as I find something for dinner, the bed and the rain might win. Besides, it’s an entertaining book so far. I’ll have some music updates the next time I post. I’ve got a couple of recommendations for music you should check out. Now, I am off in search of food.

Be careful what you go looking for as you might not like it

I think someone should write an article on blogging etiquette.

When you should reply, when you shouldn’t. When you should expect replies, when you shouldn’t…don’t forget use words like open thread, and ghosting and lurking (the ugly side).

I’ve been involved in a special task committee at work dealing with knowledge management so we have added a blogging tool for all our local offices to communicate with each other in an effort to become “one association”. I was sitting with another member of the committee at the airport and he was expressing his frustration at the limited responses to his posts and I giggled unexpectedly though he didn’t notice. Just this week, there is a meaty discussion on the value of this tool to us. With the exception of an older colleague, everyone is finding something useful, but I wonder if they are sitting there like g., getting his feelings hurt.

And, me.

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