a day

I am working more today than I have in some time. I even missed the workout window I like. I thought to go walk but now the sky has turned, the trees are swaying more to and fro and a soft drizzle is beginning to fall. It feels like it’s rained almost everyday since May.

Maybe the sun will return or I just might go work out after 7:00. I don’t like a crowded gym. Mostly I don’t like a crowded anything.

And it’s a crowded house here…we are dog central this week. I am sitting for the sweetest but neediest dogs on the planet. I wonder if they know they are about to move to Austin with their mommies? I hadn’t realized how much my own dog follows me around but when there are three dogs following your every move and sleeping at your feet, you can’t help but notice.

They are all asleep now under the desk, around the chair and in back of the chair. A little triumvirate. I would like to join them as I am feeling tired and in need of a nap.

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