tom thumb reward card and the rest of my day

I finally went to the grocery store. It’s about time though I doubt I would have if Bailey hadn’t needed food…

Would you like to use your reward card today ma’am?

No, thank you, I don’t have one.

So, the check out girl hands me the receipt saying thank you Ms …. You realize you would have saved $13 and some change with a reward card today. I think to myself, well, if I could have then why didn’t I? What kind of message does that send and oh, by the way, personal information isn’t so personal anymore. Why should I have to have yet another card clutter my overstuffed wallet that I had to give out all my personal information to get so that you can turn around and sell it to someone else. If I want to sell my own information then I should be able to and reap the rewards myself. Maybe I can find some crazy lawyer willing to try a class action suit of copyright infringement or identity theft. I mean if Catherine Deneuve can keep her name off a magazine then Joe Schmo citizen ought to be able to keep his or her name and personal information to themselves. You profit from my name then I should see at least some of the profits without being pushed into the extortion of only getting the benefit by going to your store.

But these are not decision of check-out girls. She didn’t really need my diatribe. I just smiled and laughed and said thanks and pushed my own cart out the door and loaded my own groceries into the car and oh, by the way, service isn’t so service anymore.

I was busy, focused on the tasks of a regular work day.

I went to another chick happy hour after a long and interesting dinner with friends and a friend of a friend. We were regaled with the ins and outs of corporate America and I saw her and thought that’s who I might have become. Thankfully I am not as I was saved by another career from the corporate ulcers and arrogance. But thank you Mr. Gates for your generous donations to our not-for-profits. 🙂

The happy hour was a bust and I left, somewhat mad, after only 20 minutes. Though later I felt some remorse. Maybe my friends can be careless but they love me and all the things I love. I will let go of their carelessness as I am sure they forgive me mine.

Susan’s show at Dan’s Silverleaf was good. When she sings, I am happy and energized and easy again. Though, it made me miss Ori more than ever. I just wanted to dance – be held close close and share the happiness and peacefulness of the moment. I have the same feeling now each time I do the things I love the most.

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