There’s so much going on. It is all the same thing and I love it for all it’s beauty, uniqueness and sheer size.

I was telling Ori how everything I think and say these days is about love and us. I was thinking to write about it but the same words echo over and over, I’m in love. I’m in love.

So, I’ve been thinking alot about unconditional love, the love of a lifetime, fate, pre-destiny and all that metaphysical vs the science of man sort of stuff. Mostly ’cause I wonder where it all comes from. Why I love this person and not that one. What thing I can attribute to this unexpected yet remarkable gift…should I be thanking myself for a past life decision, thanking a god for a lovely discovery or maybe only crediting the right combination of chemicals and smells for getting to feel this way.

It might be nice to settle on one in the same way that it’s good to know why other things went wrong. So you won’t make the same mistakes. If you know the good reasons too, maybe it will help to maintain the beauty and the good and finally be a thing that outlasts any hard times.

I’ve never said ‘this is the love of my life’ and have always believed in each relationship as separate and different from any other. I still believe that but I know a few things now that I ‘ve never known before and I know that now I can say certain things I have never been able to say to another before. Maybe mine isn’t to ask why but I sure am thankful. My wish is that everyone we love is thankful that we have found this great thing in each other. Love is wonderful, being loved in return is to be cherished. I know I promise to show how grateful I am as long as I’m allowed.

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