rainy days

So, I am on vacation and still managed to work most of the day today until the lightening completely knocked out power having hit not one, but two transformers – one right behind the house and the other down the street. It caused a bit of commotion when a number of fire trucks and other assorted city vehicles went screaming through our otherwise quiet neighborhood. It might have been funny to watch me leap from my office chair after the flash and loud pop outside rendered the computer blank and the house dark. I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t be working and now have first hand knowledge that I do in fact have survival instincts after all.

Tim (the next door neighbor) and I ventured out as the rain eased to walk down to the end of the street to be proper voyeurs. Turns out the lightening also started a small fire in the backyard of the house a few doors down. Nothing to serious, but it did destroy the bushes up against the back of Mertal’s house. She came out wheeling her oxygen tank to tell us she didn’t even know it was happening until the fireman were in her backyard knocking on the sliding glass door and god bless John her neighbor for calling them right away.

I was planning to take a trip but the weather has threatened rain for the rest of the week and rain would severely limit my interest in driving anywhere only to have to camp in the rain. I enjoy being in my tent while it rains and having a cooler breeze blow. There is nothing more refreshing to me than being caught outside in a sudden rain storm… but it blows to have to set up and pack camp gear while it is raining or wet. Trust me, I know…

I could go north seems to be drier there or I could go west as I intended. post made me crave even more to head out to El Paso and southerstern New Mexico. Maybe I need to wait for cooler weather anyway. I am desperate for a road trip.

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