vacation time

I just decided yeserday morning that I am going to be on vacation until after the holiday. Have I ever mentioned that I love my job and the freedoms it affords me. So I am here in austin for a few days and then who knows where I will go next. I’ve got lots of time to decide.

I have finished the web site for the most part. I am really happy with the result. I wish it looked the same on every computer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

I am feeling a little sickly today…swimmy head and rough stomach. My body doesn’t take to drinking as easy as it used to I guess. It’s a weird feeling though. I saw suSANG play last night (FINALLY!) I forgot how much I adore her. Everyone was there. Erin and Jenni. The coolest couple I know. Ollie and Springer, my favorite stalkers. I miss Austin. I am here and I still miss it.

Saturdday we are going down to shop in Mexico. A little trip over Laredo. I am hoping to find some stuff to decorate the house with. My room is a bit sparse. That’s all I know today. Now, to go and plan an adventure for next week…

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