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Marketing and Social Media are interests of mine. I come back to the topic often. Recently there have been a couple of ads that really engaged me. While they are not likely to make me use their products (except some music purchased), they still had me thinking about their product and how it had a practical application in my own life.

Google Chrome featuring “Porch Song” by The Meemies

and this one for Bing that made me fall in love with The Lumineers (go listen to all their music).

Storytelling is a smart customer engagement strategy. It reminds me of a seminar I went to last October at the Center for Non Profit Management about storytelling. Here was a take away about its use in marketing. (I wrote these down sometime ago but don’t have the source)

Characteristics of Effective Advertising Storytelling

  1. It has a plot: there’s a beginning, middle, and end.
  2. It’s engaging: you can’t take your eyes away.
  3. It’s emotional: the story makes you feel something.
  4. It’s memorable: you get it and can’t forget it.
  5. It’s easy to retell: you can describe it in one sentence.
  6. There’s an element of suspense: you have to stick with the ad to see how the story will turn out.
  7. The product plays a pivotal role: the product is woven into the story so well that the story couldn’t be told with it.

I think there is an authentic relationship with “your” influencers and a tipping point factor that can not be quantified or manufactured. The ad campaign and the relationship campaign are separate strategies but completely intertwined with each other. You simply must have enough of the right people sharing for it to make real impact.

I think these two are good examples of effective storytelling.

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