how many?

For me this is a strongly private issue. Like most, I’d rather not have something so deeply personal splashed around with such vitriol, or argued by my elected officials or debated by religious extremists. Who are they to say what is right or just? It’s no ones business but mine and those I love and care about. I’m not looking over your fence or peeking in your windows. I expect the same courtesies. Glass house my friends. I am not denying your freedoms. Don’t deny me my own. But, alas, that is not our world and because my message is personal it does not have the weight of objectiveness and therefore is lost on those who object.

I saw this video posted around the interwebs lately and I think it’s a “key message”, a “sound bite” that has some merit and hopefully some chance of reaching more fearful and confused minds. Representative Steve Simon, I applaud your bravery, your impassioned words and I thank you for being a voice of reason in an unreasonable dialogue.

How Many Gays Must God Create Before We Accept That He Wants Them Around?

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