In Pictures: May 7, 2011 Nature Club

Dallas Zoo May 7, 2011

For May’s DFW Family Nature Club we visited the Dallas Zoo.


See the full Gallery:

It was a beautiful day to be hanging out with the wildlife at the zoo and the animals where fun to visit too. 🙂

Our club is still only with its founding families but hopefully with the addition of the Facebook page that we will have some opportunities to share nature with more of our friends soon. Sometimes I am silly and I grumble about the Saturday morning commitment but I forget it all and love the time I get to spend with my family, and with Everett, Emory, Monica and Deona.

This month we were joined by Grampy, Ev and Em’s grandfather. But, Zoe borrowed Grampy for the day. I guess it’s good that Grandpa and Grandma C are finally back. Today at Lunch Zoe pulled me aside and said she wasn’t going to tell Gandpa C she had a Grampy for the day. I took it as a warning that I shouldn’t mention it either.

I am looking forward to Grandbury Lake next month and a little overnight get away on the beach.

More info on the DFW Family Nature Club:

About the DFWFNC
We believe quality time with family and friends in nature is a recipe for stress reduction, emotional growth, and happiness. The founders of this club recognize there is a great need in our region for a nature club welcoming ALL families, as well as giving our children opportunities to go outside and experience all the gifts nature has to offer. Our Family Nature Club is for all children and their families regardless of race, religion, socioeconomics status, disability, sexual orientation or other aspect of diversity.

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  1. LOVE this entry. I have a confession….i too grumble about our Saturday morning commitments. 🙂 I’m glad I have a Deona who encourages me to follow through. We had a blast; I’m so glad to have shared the day with you four. Looking forward to our June adventure! Love yall!!

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