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technology & education

This is the moment when technology and education really are starting to converge. Is the overall market demand already driving system change and more specifically, as Seth encourages in the video, can parents really drive education reforms from within?

This is short film showing some visionaries talking about the future of technology and education … “with companies like Knewton and Coursera about their quest to use technology to help engage all children and make the learning experience both more engaging and more streamlined.”


Morgan Clendaniel. Watch A Great Short Film On The Future Of Technology And Education.  Co.Exist by Fast Company. Accessed October 24, 2012.

collective conscience

I think it’s fascinating, social media’s reflection of (and impact on) the collective conscience…

Within minutes, Romney’s answer to the question posed by voter Katherine Fenton had inspired not just a flurry of women-in-binders-related tweets but also the Twitter account Romney’s Binder (@Romneys_Binder), which attracted over 12,300 followers by the debate’s end and the Facebook page Binders Full Of Women, which had over 32,000 likes by the time the time moderator Candy Crowley concluded the event.

HuffPost Women. “Romney ‘Binders Full Of Women’ Debate Remark Inspires Tumblr, Facebook Page And Twitter Account”. Accessed October 17, 2012.

forces driving the social sector

I caught this article by Ben Hecht, 5 Transformational Forces That Should Be Driving The Social Sector But Aren’t,  in Co.Exist by Fast Company.  On a side note, I am inspired by their formats, Co.Exist, Co.Design, and Co.Create. I recommend checking them out.

In this article, I think the “(But Aren’t)”  is out of touch with what is actually happening in the field. Tough admittedly there are resource limitations and “slight” resistance to change issues 😉 that must be addressed. What I liked about this article is that it offers a clear cut list that the social sector should focus on without delay to advance its efforts.

Here is a brief rundown on the five offered by Hecht and link to full article below.

“Information is now portable, participatory, and personal.”

“People–connected by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and online discussion forums–are now part of broad, loose, and complex networks that readily share information and mobilize.”

BIG DATA  “Big Data” keeps catching my eye. How about you?
“The great promise of Big Data is that it can become “humanity’s dashboard” providing us with better ways of understanding ourselves and determining where our resources should be concentrated to make the biggest difference.”

“the concept of “frugal innovation” is being applied to create lean solutions that deliver improved or previously non-existent services by stripping down products to the level of basic need and identifying imaginative ways of using old technology.”

“The business community has realized that going it alone in a hyperconnected, globalized economy is counter-productive.”

Ben Hecht, 5 Transformational Forces That Should Be Driving The Social Sector But Aren’t | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation. Co.Exist by Fast Company, Accessed September 25, 2012,

what is past is prologue

I like history. I read historical books just for pleasure but I won’t say I am a historian or have any advanced knowledge beyond anyone else who has taken a history class or two. However, from my personal knowledge of history, I have been wondering if we are on the verge of a watershed moment. A critical turning point.  A moment in time where everything changes.

In watching the politic discourse saturated with divisiveness and what appears to me to be a exponential widening of philosophical differences, I find myself sad and worried. Listening to NPR the other day I heard an author speak to the insane growth in extremest groups just since Obama was elected. I am also saddened knowing that as humans we have to seek the so called unalienable right to marry from an apathetic electorate. Why people care about someone else’s marriage confounds me daily. And, I am watching with disgust as a battle is played out in political arenas over the rights I have over my own body.

So here we are again and again and again. There is a focus by the legislative branches on extreme social policy underpinned by an true economic crisis. Ring any bells? Hello Mr. Lincoln.

What is past is prologue.

While I don’t really believe we are in for a civil war fought on the soil, we are in a real civil war of social policy that is having a dire affect on political and economic policy. I don’t think there will ever really be wars fought in such narrow bounds ever again. We are now in a constant state of war. There are no real defined enemies, no winners or losers. We are being fed a cacophony of boogie men. A distraction. Here at home in the good old USA the electorate is being pitted against one another over topics that should be nothing more than a individual’s rights and protections in a free society. Instead, we are being introduced to a host of foreign sources to blame for our woes. We are being controlled by fear, hate and divisiveness.

As we edge closer to another election, I do think we are at another important moment in time after the voting lever falls. No mater what you believe or how you vote, after the election, there are going to be huge consequences we all will have to face. There will be no winners.

That being said, I am still optimistic that it is just one of those moments and it will pass. What has me hopeful is my belief that there are other tipping points coming very soon. We are just one “generation” from when my generation, Gen X comes into real positions of power. We are a small generation so it will be only a short time after that when Gen Y and the Millennials will begin having real influence over social, political and economic policy. There will always be “haters” but their ranks are shrinking and the smaller a group gets the louder they shout and the more extreme they become in the spirit of protectionism. Shrinking because, the younger generation has come of age in a very different time. Information flows freely for them and their perspective is broader than any that have come before.

I hope I am right. A the very least, I am looking forward to the pendulum swinging back the other way awhile.

Leading Change

I keep coming back to a handout that I was given at a meeting for work. I found a website with more detail, The 8 Step Process for Leading Change. This combined with Heifetz Leadership in a Crisis from Harvard Business Review inspires me with ideas for relationship management and social change especially for work in the areas of Membership Recruitment and Fund Development.

I just need time to really build some foundation and structure around this process and my ideas.

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