the sad state of free speech

I read Joan Walsh at In a recent article she was discussing what had happened when a controversial talk radio host made a bid to become part owner of an NFL team with some other investors.

In the article she wrote about the sad state of free speech in this country in that individuals think the right to free speech also guarantees he or she will face no consequences for that speech. I agree wholeheartedly. If you live an die by your mouth like a “Rush” it seems you are likely to wear the badge of free speech like talisman as if it will shield you. It brings to mind the idea of consequence and responsibility. Personal responsibility and the understanding that actions have consequences seems so lacking in many individuals in today’s society. I hesitate to attribute it to a generation since the ability to accept and just as important take responsibility is more like a personality flaw than a result of your age.

When I was reading Joan’s blog, it also reminded me of an interview I saw with George W. following the Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines, controversial statements. He said something pretty true of the situation that should be a lesson to all especially his fellow republicans like Rush. Forgive my recalls not what it used to be but what I heard him say in that interview was that sure, every American has the right to free speech, but you can’t whine about the consequences and if a bunch of people want to bulldoze your cd’s because you said something not nice about the president, that’s how the cookie crumbles. And, don’t you know that Rush was one of many on the “crush the Dixie Chicks” bandwagon then. Branding them heretics and traitors while out if the same mouth now offering gems like “I hope Obama fails” and as Joan provided, “bend over, grab the ankles” for Obama because he’s black. Disgusting.

So, Rush, if the NFL doesn’t want to align itself with you that’s just a consequence of your mouth and not some global liberal conspiracy. Man up you wimp. Speak your mind all you want. Just stop your whining and accept responsibility.

Stay tuned…next post, I’ll be writing about the tension between “Live and Let Live” and “Leave No Trace” after camping for a few days in Terlingua.

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