road maps

I read this article recently. In the article there was a quote. It was written that a road map’s no good without a destination. While I understand that the author was just using a simple analogy to make his point, I just have to add my thoughts about how road maps are much more than the fastest path from point A to B.

I love maps. Here are some other things I think maps have to offer:

  • A map shows you where you are so that you can decide the best route. (planning)
  • There are hundreds of paths to the same destination. Without a map how do you know the best route for you? (resources)
  • The map shows you all the stops along the way. (benchmarks)
  • Exploring alternative routes with no destination in mind is the best way to gain new perspectives. (flexibility)
  • Knowing the distance and when you arrive. (evaluation)

Of course, he was just talking about the end statement and I guess I am considering the process. For me, the journey’s the thing.

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