Weather Coconut

The Weather Coconut

This is a fun idea from: who borrowed it from some other place and so on…

Dangle a stump, coconut or any other selected item from a rope on a 4 feet tall tripod and then lean on the leg of the tripod was a sign that reads Weather “(insert your chosen object)” followed with instructions on how to operate the weather tool.

Weather Coconut

To build the mystery, the author writes:

All meteorologists know the special weather-predicting abilities of the coconut, but this important information rarely reaches the public. After consulting with many in the weather-field and attending a secret meteorological ceremony in the heart of a volcano (they don’t mess around), I was told about the mysteriously wonderful properties of the coconut.

Here are some rules to include on the board:

  • If it is moving, it must be windy
  • If it is not moving, there is no wind
  • If it is not there, it was stolen!!!
  • If it is white, it is snowing
  • If it is wet, it is raining
  • If it is going “Tink, Tink, Tink”, there must be hail
  • If it is on fire, run!
  • If you cannot see it, it is foggy
  • If it was swallowed by the earth, there is an earthquake”
  • If it is acting bored, there is no weather
  • If it is casting a shadow, the sun is out
  • If it is involuntarily bobbing up and down, there is a flood
  • If there are steaming rocks raining down upon it, there is a volcanic eruption
  • If it ends up in Oz, there was a tornado”
  • That’s it now, build your own Weather Stump and send me a pic.

    I think I am going into the garage to see what to make my own…a “weather globe” perhaps.

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