lake whitney

We went camping at Lake Whitney this weekend. Hayseed and I had the place to ourselves Thursday night and right up until until the gang showed up on Friday evening. I found some time to write but not nearly as much as I wanted. Also got myself a little sunburn that looks fine today. I know what they say but I don’t care. Tanned skin is lovely.

I think hayseed took it.

and it wasn’t even posed. it was completely spontaneous.

In other less exciting news, my hair is now short again. It just looks better shorter…and feels better. I try to grow it from time to time thinking how it would be more professional, that it would please my mother and how really cool it would be to have it long enough for a pony tail but I never seem to quite make it that far.

I’ve got some new music recommendations but today I am stuck on a whiskeytown binge of faithless street so I’ll wait until I get that fix over before moving on. Every once and awhile I just have to spin that disc. It just might be the favorite of all the cds I own. I’ll always have my favorite this or that I guess but this cd is the one I always come back too.

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