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Most people who know me personally would most likely tell you that I am techno savy or some variation of that phrase but the secret is that mostly I am not. It’s only that I don’t have much fear of technology and that’s the truth of it. The only reason I bring it up today is that I downloaded my very first cd yesterday. Didn’t leave my house, didn’t move from this very chair. Which is weird and I feel somewhat disloyal to my local independent, Bill’s Records and Tapes. I’ll have to go this weekend to buy something just to relieve my guilt.

one might assume that being a music lover, I would have been a downloading fool but it just never caught on with me. The only reason I tried this at all was because of an internet program that gave me a free subscription to Napster and had free downloads included. I downloaded two songs for free last month. That’s all I used it for until today when I actually spent real dollars and downloaded an entire album. It was easy and cheaper. Especially when you factor in that I didn’t spend a dime on gas to get me there or spend time in traffic getting there, you get the picture.

And, it was an excellent choice. The new Bruce Springsteen album is marvelous. No offense intended to the e street band but I just prefer him with string instruments rather than the horns. It’s back to raw acoustic driven music and good solid full of life lyrics, anyone’s life. I highly recommend this new one. Way better than the Rising.

Oh, and I promised these in an earlier entry this month. Music recommendations:

Danny McGuinness
Last Train Home

That’s all for today…tonight I am going to the BW Stevenson Singer songwriter contest at Poor David’s. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my very first professional photographer gig last weekend.

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