I did alot of reading here tonight. I’m not sure what moves me to look around. Searching for inspiration, searching for clues, searching for signs of you. I only rhyme for effect. Its rhyme not reality.

Explain, Explain. Always explain. Such is a life not lived alone.

I listened to a story tonight that hit me in such away that I had a rather forceful and immediate reaction. I think it was supposed to impress me. It didn’t and drew out of me a really aggressive position. I felt guilty for making them so forcefully direct but there is a line of appropriate behavior that for me is to often crossed. I think I was most taken back by the boastfulness. I am however, sorry for how I made the person feel uncertain and maybe even judged so severely.

This was not my exactly my intention.

There’s a fine line of trying to be open to differences without compromising personal ethic.

Though I have avoided mentioning this until now, I found a rather suspicious knot under my skin on the back of my neck. And is it an iceberg? Found it accidentally this afternoon when moving my own hair out of the way. It might have me a bit freaked out. I am calm enough but I think a doctor visit is entirely unavoidable. I’m giving it a week. If it shrinks then I’ll leave it but anything else will mean the doctor.

Not my best day at all.

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