Mark Erelli rocks!

Ok, Mark Erelli….great live. So much so that I bought one of his earlier cd’s. He opened the show for Catie Curtis but also accompanied her on guitar throughout her set. She shared the stage with him often by letting him play more of his catalogue. He even finished the show. He said, ‘this is a duet I wrote’. When I picked up the cd, it was a duet with Kelly Willis. How could I not like that? This is why I love seeing music live. So much is missed…missed stories, missed mistakes, missed in something so clean and produced. At least that is how it works for me.

Catie was great too. I’d forgotten how much I like some of her music, like Radical. So often, I place my cd’s on the shelf and forget to drag them out and give them a good listen from time to time. Last week on a short rode trip I said to hayseed why don’t we grab some random cd’s for the road, stuff we haven’t heard in awhile. And we did. I guess a great live show from a couple of non-Texans is good too. I certainly have a greater appreciation for Mark and I can’t wait to snag hayseed’s copy of Catie’s acoustic cd.

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