like falling in love

I’ve been thinking about all the things I fall in love with. The things that really fulfill me in ways that no one person ever will or should.

  • The little boy, holding my finger tightly and twirling in circles around and around. His sweet innocent smile;
  • My dog, Bailey when he arches one brow and then the other like a wink. We know each others secrets;
  • Hands on the neck of the guitar, beautiful fingers rested over strings;
  • A clever line in a song or movie that makes me feel. The emotion of it hits somewhere deep inside;
  • Charming and unique roads leading to towns in the middle of nowhere.
  • Cold air when I take a breath standing on the edge, looking at mountains in the distance;
  • My feet in the cool water of a river as it moves over my bare toes and on to somewhere else;
  • Good friends, sitting in the fresh air, laughing and enjoying each other;

Any moment that makes me laugh out loud means I am falling in love with something. I don’t fall in love with people this easily but I know the way it feels. I know it like I know the something in me that relaxes and is eased by love. It makes its lasting impression…just like falling in love. There’s not a moment in the face of any one of these that I still don’t lose my breath…just like falling in love. I dream of it and live for the next moment of it…just like falling in love. I can’t own or possess, only appreciate for what is given to me…just like falling in love.

It’s love in the “stop and smell the flowers” sense. Just like everything else about me, sometimes I do forget to stop, then sometimes I do stop and sometimes I just have to remind myself.

Though, it’s only today that I realized I was falling in love all the time.

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