technology beget technology

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I finally found the spyware, adware, whateverware that has been corrupting my system. I had to buy some software to go digging through the innards of my system. It found it and eradicated it with quick precision.

I was reading this free magazine, Fortune for Small Business. Thanks to American Express. I usually find at least one tidbit of useful information from a new business practice to software options and even marketing ideas. This issue, I found and article of a company describing the same computer symptoms I was having with my own. The solution was found from a software company now run by a reformed hacker…(yea right) who now fixes such problems with this inexpensive revolutionary software. The article went further to explain the need for weekly updates as these other less service oriented hackers manage to find new ways to corrupt computer systems everyday. My conclusion is that these problems are in fact the way to boon an industry.

I wonder? It’s like The Net, (a fine Sandra Bullock movie) but in real life.

Now, I am weighing the thought to tell Davie that porn is off limits on this computer. I know he’s still out there. I can easily check the cookies and temp internet files to verify this. However, I feel certain that even sites I visit, like this one, also have ways to attach this spyware, adware, whateverware and possibly even a virus or two for good measure. It could come from anywhere anyway.

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