breathe. breathe. breathe.

I’ve been thinking today, thinking easier thoughts but thinking nonstop still. Though, I am so tired. And, starting this week, work will have me going nonstop until March I think. Especially since I am now committed to going south at least once a month…so much for being clever.

Today, I had breakfast with a new friend. She’s quiet and intense but we talked alot about love and the soul and soullessness and soul mates and the like. I was saying how when my chest hurt I didn’t know if it was my heart or my soul hurting this time. She said what did it matter? Feel the pain she said. Stop thinking about what it is or where is comes from and just be in it. I thought I was the only one who talked to people this way. Regardless, I found myself enjoying talking to a stranger, a person who doesn’t know me. Another way to reinvent yourself but still showing only your invention.

How many times do you have the hear something before it takes hold? How many ways do you have to hear it and see it before it takes hold?

My goal is to have NM pictures and journals up on the website by the end of tomorrow. Before going on the trip, M. and R. got back together and I am glad for it. I wrote alot while I was on the trip. I don’t know how much will make it up, it just depends on how long the auditor stays here and how much time I have.

I’m going to bed now.

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