I am not gone

I missed you and now I am here with you. And here’s the coolest thing…I’d gladly sacrifice one more day away from home just to have you beside me.

One more day from home. I’ve been gone long. Five days on a ship without communication is just over the top. Tomorrow, I will roll into town, unpack my bags and be in my own space. Tomorrow you’ll be with me. Tomorrow I will introduce you to the masses and you will have the faces to go with my scattered stories. Tomorrow will be one more day I get to spend with you.

And here’s and even cooler thing…tonight, I get to kiss you as much as I want. Tonight I get to sleep tuck safely with you. Tonight you are mine again and I am thankful for you in a thousand different ways I will never be able to express with any eloquence.

It’s nice to be able to write again.

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