all ’cause i feel like loving you

there’re so many things i want to do.

all ’cause i want you.

i’d be young and free…
give you daisy’s and tell you what you mean to me.
i‘d show up on your doorstep breathless
and ask you to come on out to play.

all ’cause i feel like loving you today.

if i could play guitar, i’d write you a song
one so pretty and sweet you couldn’t help but sing along.
i’d look you in the eyes and give it all to you without fear.
knowing yours is the only voice i want to hear.

all ’cause you’re the one i hold dear

i’d drive us somewhere far away.
in the right moment i’d ask you to love me forever
and it doesn’t even matter what you say.
maybe i’d have to find a reason to let you go
but maybe i’d never even have to try.
because no matter what loving you means everything is ‘gonna to be alright.

all ’cause i feel like loving you for the rest of my life.

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