ambiguous isn't so ambiguous anymore

There’s a little song swap tonight at Poor David’s. They come around not so often so I almost feel obligated to go. But, there’s an 8:00am conference call tomorrow that’s calling my name. Life’s little decisions.

This weekend, Austin was everything Austin is to me. Food at my favorite places, familar faces, I saw music every evening except one and then I ended up at Waterloo that night anyway. Dallas needs it’s own Waterloo. Bills Records is like it in it’s collection of music but with scary old men instead of chic alternative liberals. Today’s trip home was one of the fastest ever. Maybe because I left earlier than I ever have before or it’s just my mind was busy. Two, almost, poems in one trip…

#1 all cause i feel like loving you

there’re so many things i want to do.
all cause i want you.
i’d be young and free…
call you ori without telling you what it means to me.
i ‘d show up on your doorstep breathless
and ask you to come on out to play.

all cause i feel like loving you today.

if i could play guitar, i’d write you a song
one so pretty and sweet you couldn’t help but sing along.
i’d look you in the eyes and give it all to you without fear.
knowing yours is the only voice i want to hear.

i’d drive us somewhere far away.
in the right moment i’d ask you to love me and doesn’t even matter what you would have to say.
maybe i’d have to find a reason to get over you and maybe i’d never even have to try.
but i’d know everything is gonna to be alright.

all cause i feel like loving you tonight.

#2 Matagorda Sand

She’s kneeling in the Matagorda sand
with the gulf of Mexico in her hands
Though it’s beginning to rain
She can still see the sun set in the bay

She’s hoping the sound of the waves
will drown her tears and sooth her mind
she doesn’t ever remember feeling this sad
If only she could take it all back.

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