circumstances – Part III

Leslie walked out of the bathroom and stood by the bar. She knew what would happen. She knew Marty would leave soon as well as she knew that everyone would asked after her. As if she knew anything at all about Marty.

Turned out she was right. Marty came straight out of the bathroom and said she was leaving. She gave Leslie a quick hug. Noncommittally, Leslie noted miserably. Marty was out the door after saying a quick goodbye to the other friends at the table. Mona was making, ‘let’s go eat signals from the table’ soon after. Leslie nodded in recognition.

Gavin strode up to the bar next to Leslie to order drinks. “I saw Marty leave. How are you doing?”

“Not as good as you.” Leslie answered sarcastically. They both watched Nina dancing with a pool cue in front of the wall mirrors.

Gavin chuckled, “No one’s ever doing a good as me.”

“You’re such an arrogant ass sometimes.” Leslie started to walk off but Gavin stopped her.

“Ah, what’s the matter? Marty not interested in being your new toy making you cranky?”

“You got bigger things to worry about than me and Marty.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” Gavin paid the bartender.

“She was here and she saw you kissing Nina.”

“Who? Marty? Why would she care?”

“No, stupid, Beth.” Leslie smiled briefly. Gavin’s look was worth getting involved. It felt good to bear her some bad news.

“What!?, When?”

“About twenty minutes ago.”

“Why didn’t one of you tell me?” Gavin slammed her drink onto the bar. The force and the sound made more than a few people look.

Nina walked up and wrapped her body against Gavin’s back. “Tell you what?”

Leslie answered Gavin’s question ignoring Nina. “I’m not your keeper, ‘miss nobody’s ever doing as good as me’.” Leslie and Gavin stared at each other for what felt like minutes but was really only seconds.

“Hello. Does anyone see me?” Nina was petulant.

Gavin broke the silence with a wide smile and slapped Leslie on the back a little harder than is friendly. “You are right my friend.” Without losing a moment, she was back in cool mode if only on the surface. “You need a drink Lezzie?”

Nina giggled and repeated, “Lezzie.”

“Nice.” She looked at Nina and then Gavin. “I think we are going to get out of here. Mona wants to go eat and get some coffee.”

“Oh right, the coffee house waitress must be working.”

“Yep. You guessed it.”

“Maybe we’ll join you in a bit.”

“Suit yourself.”

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