too many irons in the fire

What a day…I was interrupted so many times that I lost count…project here, project there, deadlines. I almost called in late to my own conference call. What made me look at the clock is beyond me. I worked until close to eleven last night and it looks to be another long one. These comments should not be taken as whining – just fact of life. I will return to my projects this evening. I guess that what other people would take weeks to accomplish (she says without criticism), as a task oriented person, I will finish by tomorrow and then find myself twiddling my thumbs until next week. This job suits my work style that way. More time for me and my more leisurely pursuits.

Now, I am taking a moment to have some “me time”. I am journaling. I mowed the lawn and, yes, I consider that “me time”. Took me all of 30 minutes (minus the weed eating today) and I hardly even broke a sweat. I love this weather. I f*cking LOVE THIS WEATHER! How long until they make a computer that is outdoor friendly like disposable underwater cameras? Is it obnoxious to want to use technology in nature? Everything about the environment and environmental policy bothers me these days especially since I read The End of Nature and Ishmael. It’s not only the reading cause I‘ve been watching Real Time with Bill Mahr. Unfortunately its season has ended just as it became a favorite. It only added to my ire but in an important way.

In other news, during therapy yesterday, because I shared my enlightening experience the other day, I was assigned to write a letter to my mother that I am not supposed to send…just supposed to write it down. Do they just have a check list they all follow? letter to mother, CHECK, discuss relationships, CHECK, assign blame, CHECK! It seemed rather trite. Maybe I am too cynical for therapy. My guess is that my road trips are better therapy anyway.

just another decision to be made later.

Until then, back to the salt mines I go…

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