thank god david had some eggs

otherwise I’d be sitting here right now starving.

For the first night in many here there were a plethora of Texas music choices thrown in with the monthly chick happy hour all in one night… forcing me to choose. Unfortunately, I had to eliminate so the TMP project with Ruthie, Houston Marchman and Kacy Crowley. I chose friends at the happy hour and Adam Carroll at Poor David’s.

Happy Hour was a host of new people again and good friends as well. I said I write when asked what I do for a hobby and then was subsequently introduced as a writer. It made me feel like a fraud. I found myself backpedaling every time I was introduced as a writer by this new acquaintance. No, I’d say. I write as a hobby. I work for a non-profit. Then, I was subjected to the most benial poetry ever. I liked it at first but then a poem was produced that applied to every story anyone told. This was a shame really because the International Scout alone was interesting. It did create more interesting conversations than I would have expected for a happy hour occasion. Met someone who wants to be producer. I wonder if it would be unethical to steal a story idea that was shared. As soon it said, my mind just went buzzing with ideas. I could have written fifty pages just in that one moment.

Adam was great and I am glad I decided to go. He inspires me to write in many ways. He’s better than Dylan and might be the next unappreciated, Townes Van Zandt. I wrote two new poems just for being in the room with him.

So, I’ve been thinking there are a million reasons why I shouldn’t like you. Why I do? I don’t know. It’s like how things in nature have the same number pattern. Maybe my eight matches your 3…maybe my hormones need your reagent to start that reaction I so desperately need. Whatever it is I think it’s best I put it away for now.

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