getting lost

I returned from the best Kerrville in my six years on Monday and turned right around to Dallas to help M and Ad’s with their final move. I am actually taking my a break in several days to finally sit for a moment and think.

I’ve gotten lost the past few days. I haven’t done much else these last few days. Yesterday I went to East Texas to present my least favorite training on child protection. Most of the trainings I provide are easy enough to perform almost without any effort at all but this particular subject carries some very weighty messages and it never fails that I tear up at least once. But I still don’t have to think.

So I have tucked myself up neatly, boxed my own emotions and carried little bits of another’s life onto a truck. Some even resembling parts of my own past. I’ll be seeing M off in her new life with Ad’s. I thought about leaving early today to avoid the inevitable goodbye but alas I am here waiting for the goodbye that makes me so sad.

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