Putting you away

In reality, I want to put you away. I want to store you conveniently in a box under my bed where I only need take you out on occasion. Instead, you are a constant presence. You are in most everything I imagine from fleeting thoughts to dreams and everywhere in between. I know you are only there because I am alone. That fact alone pisses my off completely. I need to gat a life.

There’s a spot on the Pednerales River where the water falls into a pool surrounded by caverns carved into shallow caves. I want to cross the river there, climb into one of those caves and live. I could walk the sandy beaches, make mullosk shell necklaces and pet rocks for the tourist at the state park. I could play them the three songs I know on the guitar and they would think me quaint and not annoying. Maybe then I’d even have time to learn more songs because what else would I have to do really. I know, I would also make cave drawings way in the back that would be found later by others who would add to them until it became a great mural in the cave. I would spend my nights with only the sound of flowing water.

Maybe I just long for a simpler life.

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