singing in the rain

I forget how good things can be but I am starting to remember. Do you?

We’d been driving for hours on some hidden highway. We thought it’d be fun to take the long way home. I didn’t know at the time what made you say stop here. In the moment I thought maybe it was the song on the radio or maybe it was a need you had to be off blacktop. You said turn here so I did.
You placed a hand on my knee and said stop here. I’ve been here before you added.
In college.
What are we doing?
Get out and I’ll show you.
I did as you asked but you stayed in the car longer.
It was cold enough for me to see my own breath. The sky was enormous. I was counting stars when I heard the song.
I felt the warmth of your breath on my neck. Remember this?
Yes I do. It was the song playing the first time you told me you loved me.
Yes. It took me all night to build up the courage.
Yeah, we were on that dock. It was so cold. I was freezing but I didn’t want to leave. I knew you were trying to tell me that.
You smiled. That song came on from the cabin above and I just blurted it out like some fool.
My precious fool.
Ha! You know Bud, I love you even more today.
Prove it. Dance with me.
We danced for hours together on that gravel road. Afterwards we made out in the car like we did on our first date. You said how much you missed out and asked me if I missed it too. All I could do at the time was look at your mouth. I was tracing the outline of your lips when something wet dropped on my head. Just then you said what the hell. We looked up to see the sun roof covered with droplets of water. A few fell at the same time but it was so funny we didn’t care. You said we got heat baby. I just kissed you in the rain we made.

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