loyalty and delayed gratification

A solid insight into what companies are getting wrong when trying to establish brand loyalty through loyalty programs.

Andjelic sites an import part of customer satisfaction regarding question of economics and behavior when talking about how many loyalty programs make gratification too delayed.

“One thing to know about human decision-making is that we want to be happy. And we prefer many small repeated gains over anything else. We’d rather find two $50 bills in two different places than a single $100 dollar in one.”

It goes back to my philosophy that value hinges on the experience. That experience must be simple (convenient), immediate (reward); and visually (emotionally) compelling. It applies in all relationships – business; family; friends; leisure.


ANA ANDJELIC.  What Marketers Are Getting Wrong About Loyalty | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce  Co.Createby Fast Company. Accessed October 19, 2012.

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