interior design

The girls are away for two weeks. They will be surprised with brand new bedrooms when they return.

Right now, they share a room and the second bedroom is being used as a playroom. As we move things around and try to make space for things it is definitely a time to purge some unwanted items. However, this is hard since the unwanted items are unwanted by everyone except Z. Z’s having a hard time letting go of things. I found this article, Simplicity at Home- Simplifying Children’s Things; Part 1. I hope to find some tips for help Z through the process.

So our first design based on their personalities looked like this:


And, Z’s:

While I am kidding, Z. would most likely love this room and I fully expect it to look just like this most days.

There are still some finishing touches and a few more furniture items to add like a new bed and mattress for A’s room.

Updated Pictures to follow…

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