The power of prayer

this is a question that has been on my mind lately…

If you are a working for a nonprofit and are soliciting donations, what is the appropriate professional response to a person who says “I am going to pray about this a let you know tomorrow”?

Another question i have is if they do not call, should you even follow up? Is there anything you should/could do that trumps God’s answer to his/her prayer?

I wonder if it is just a another way to say no without saying no. ouch.

If it’s genuine, then I am also not sure I am comfortable with the implication that if you decide not to give after prayer that you might be saying God doesn’t like the organization that I am working so hard to grow.

How do you handle this in your organization?

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  1. I used to work for Campus Crusade and raised support for that time of ministry. I will share with you the view I took to support raising and hope it helps answer your questions. First of all, God’s calling for you to ministry comes from Him and not any potential supporters. And, if He calls you into ministry He will provide the resources to make that happen. Therefore, support raising is not an effort of convincing people to support your ministry, but instead it is a treasure hunt to find those people God has encouraged to give you those resources.

    Most people I was on staff with saw support raising as a unwanted burden to ministry. I chose to view it as an opportunity to grow my faith in a loving Father who wants to provide for His children. Some people that were very close to me chose not to support me, while others who I did not know gave more than I could fathom. The two largest gifts I receive one staff were from people I never met.

    God is not going to encourage everyone to resource His calling in your life. He is a God that is able to do exceedingly more abundantly than we can even ask or imagine. If everyone was supposed to give to you, than there would be no fear to overcome, no risk to endure, no faith to step out into.

    God is frequently unpredictable, but He is always kind and loving. If you are sure of the calling He has for you and sure that solicitations is the means to resource it, then support raising is as much a part of the ministry as what we normally think of as ministry.

    With regards to the other questions, if someone says that they will pray about it and let you know, thank them. I would much rather someone follow God’s leading than to feel obligated to give. God will bless their obedience more than their obligation. But, than I would let them know I would give them a call in about a week to see what they have decided. This is not add any shame to them, but it is easy for them to forget about it. This is just a friendly reminder and allows you to have closure.

    If someone does say no, always ask if they are willing to pray for your ministry. The work of ministry needs to be bathed in prayer more than gathering financial resources. Also, ask them if they know of others who may be interested. I had some great supporters who were referred by people who did not support me.

    Be encouraged about support raising. God will form in you character useful for ministry if you let Him.


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