But you still don’t have to finish it.

I think it works when thinking about relationships too: Justin Kownacki’s article In Praise Of Bad Content

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  1. I see your point and agree to a degree. There is one more variable in that comparison though. How does it affect those involved?

    If someone chooses not to read a book, that doesn’t effect someone else. If a person chooses not to be in a relationship, that has a direct effect on another person.

    A relationship is dependent on two people, not just one. However, I’m not advocating staying in a bad relationship. I’m simply saying it is a variable that needs to be considered.

    In the future, I will consider this input before finishing that book or movie though.

  2. Sure, valid point but what I found most interesting about the article were the was to find value even when the art is bad and as I was reading that list, I saw parallels (in the list) to relationships.

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