a letter to a rude blogger

I’ve been thinking about some of your blog lately. I always respected your thoughts and our political differences would have made for lively, yet respectful debate, or so I thought.

So, it really surprises me when you post something petty. For such a smart guy it seems so creepy to put yourself in the middle of something that has no bearing on your life and does nothing but fester an already damaged relationship of others. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a decent thing to do…though, you are right in your disclaimer, it’s your blog to do as you wish. So, this is my blog to do as I wish.

Here’s what I want to know. I wonder why people like you, (and devers) can’t leave it alone. Maybe devers sits over there making sparks to drum up sales so he can make more money. You bet your ass that song is about him and if he had any talent at all, he could do the same thing. Oh, but wait, he doesn’t. What is that they say about those who can’t…I say they live off of the talent others. Why do you care to be someone who does that too?

I guess this gave me insight into my own biases and how my attitude changes. How I interpret things. Before, through respectful eyes, I could look at our difference and I learned new things. I could keep up with mutual friends like the Dead End Angels or read about other new music. Now, however, I don’t respect you. I read your words through new eyes and see that you might just be that petty kinda guy. Maybe that’s all you are, a petty kinda guy.

I left it alone thinking it would fade over time but then you went and posted about it again this week and then ‘chicksh*ted’ your way out of telling others you were the nice guy. You said once, ‘that you would never dream of going into someone else’s house and messing around’. I apologize for not remembering the exact phrasing. It seemed at the time the right thing to say. But, you did once and now again. At least get your facts straight. After you did in fact post, the artist in question never posted anything about you on any message board. The fans did, like I am today. Just a fan who takes it personally when someone else says something bad about a person she cares about and respects.

Another fact that was incorrectly reported by you…that little song was not on the last group produced cd or on the said artists first solo cd.

AND finally dear boy, people know your name because you are riding on the backbone of others. Earn it yourself next time.

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