looking forward to the music

I’ve been a bit depressed by the internet lately. The thing about learning new things is also learning how much you don’t know. And, I am an infant baby.

But, there is some exciting music options to keep my spirits up this month. I will finally realize a long desire to see Shawn Mullins live and Edie Carey returns to this part of the country again later in the month. It’s nice to have a folk influx from the east especially since this will be the second Kerrville in a row that I will miss. Don’t get me wrong but one can not live on Texas music alone.

This month also features another HOV tour with Walt, Susan and Brandon in which I will take at least a few days to follow them around.

Some of my other projects are falling away from my attention too. I know I need to focus on at least one soon. Well, hey, I at least made the time to try and create something here.

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