Well it’s back to work after a week of…well, work.

I spent most of last week with hayseed, after work, following Susan Gibson, Walt Wilkins and Brandon Rhyder around on tour. When they did the Wichita Falls show, it was lucky I was really following them. When I hit Decatur, I topped a hill to see the Suz van on the side of the road, hood up and three musicians wandering around the ditch with cell phone in each ear. That’s Walt in the background.

The van was repaired but not fixed so a couple of more miles down the road, it was left at the citgo station and the xterra added three musicians, their luggage, as many guitars and a dog. We made Wichita Falls in time for them to perform and then returned them the next day back to the van. Hayseed and I waited for them at the dealership to learn they would have to limp along until the van made back home to the Austin area so they cancelled the other Oklahoma gig that night. They managed to pick an opening gig in exchanged for a hotel room. Can you imagine being the girl who gets Susan, Walt and Brandon to be her opening act?

We finished out our stalking with the show in Waxahachie instead of their last show the next day in Gruene. Could have gone but hayseed had to be back that night for work the next morning. I didn’t have the sack to make what would have been nine or ten hours in the car. We would have only been able to see a small part of the music festival and honestly, I was getting cranky…but that’s another story.

With my rather amazing new camera, I got great pictures from the shows. Still have another set to get upload to the site…I’ve got some journal stuff too but I still haven’t finished the journal entries from this summer’s trip so I am not putting any real pressure on myself. I’ve barely focused enough the get a few more poems up. Everything takes too long these days. I run out of time every day.

I plan to be stationary until after my birthday at least. I need some brief hibernation to restore some of my energy.

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