I actually went to Austin today and turned right around and came back home in the same day. I still managed a stop at Waterloo and picked up copies of the KGSR cd. Something for Mandy since she’s all the way up there in IL now. She’ll be happy I think. It was weird just driving in this morning and driving back home like that. If I wasn’t going to Indianapolis tomorrow, I’d have stayed. I always want to stay.

This task force I am working on is interesting. At least it is bringing me back to Austin on a regular basis. I miss it and sometimes I don’t. This meeting today was at the university with the Chancellor. Something of a big shot maybe? I am always intrigued by these types of men. He is a stereotype…just enough charm and sensitivity to have probably had most things handed to him throughout his life. It is fascinating to watch the posturing coupled with the elements of a need to be liked. It is obvious in the way these types delegate and ask for things as if they will magically appear just because it is asked. What is crazy is more often than not, things do just appear for them. Reminds me of Tim and Rob too.

Though I may seem like I am bothered, in fact, I am actually not. Just fascinated at the ways the world works differently for different people. I am subject to a set of stereotypes suited to me as well. I am just amazed at what people, unfailingly and without question, will actually do for someone like this man. Just simply, ‘yes sir’, and ‘how might I be of further assistance?’ Maybe I’m just impressed. Actually, I am easily impressed by people who can take so easily. As if somewhere they learned to expect things to be done for them. Or maybe it was never even a question at all. It just was…

From someone with my background and of my experience I think it’s like going to a foreign country. I don’t care what anyone says; being paid attention to and cared for takes some getting used too. Having someone want to see your face everyday, who wants to do things for you…most things, anything? I’m learning but it seems to be a slow learning curve. I am a slow learning curve.

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