what's been happening.

I’ve been gone to Indianapolis for most of last week and a good part of this one. I feel like I have been really unproductive since my return but my butt has hardly moved from this computer since I got back…one more conference to run next week and I will finally have some breathing room until January. This meeting in Indy was just too long.

It’s funny that after a few important conversations, I realize that I am seen as a young professional. It serves me in some ways and irks me in others. When people think you are young, everything that comes out of your mouth that makes sense seems amazing and brilliant. Speak a coherent sentence and you’re genius but never you mind about being asked to participate in the important decisions.

I am a little pissy and bitter to discover that my age is the most likely reason. You think this goes away after you reach thirty but it doesn’t. Age is experience and baby faces need not apply.

But I can make an impact regardless. I exercised my civic duty today…I took advantage of early voting because I have to be in Austin on the actual election day. Isn’t it weird to go vote in a church? I was in my shorts, ratty t-shirt and yellow ball cap. I wondered if people could tell my political bent by how I was dressed. I voted on an electronic touch screen. Signed away my rights on some form they didn’t let me read. Well, they never said I couldn’t read it but they were pushing me pretty hard to move along and vote. Maybe my vote will count for something. Last election, Dallas county was barely more than 50% Republican. If it went Democrat that would be something. Maybe next time the candidate would at least make an appearance here.

If you are in the reach of my words, make sure you cast your vote.

It’s raining tonight. I am fighting the desire to go crawl into bed and finish reading the Librarian. As soon as I find something for dinner, the bed and the rain might win. Besides, it’s an entertaining book so far. I’ll have some music updates the next time I post. I’ve got a couple of recommendations for music you should check out. Now, I am off in search of food.

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