what i did on my summer vaction

I’m back. Sixteen days in the most amazing country I’ve seen so far in my life. It just showed me how much I’ve not seen yet.

a small list of what I did while I was away…

  • hiked towering and winding trails to the tops of the highest mountains
  • breathed air blowing off the Grand Tetons
  • waded in water so clear and cold that my feet ached and I ached from the joy of it
  • watched Old Faithful blow her top
  • felt the heat and spray from geysers
  • saw a bear and her two cubs
  • saw a wolf
  • saw a bighorn sheep and multiple mountain goats
  • saw a hoary marmot
  • played with a chipmunk who liked to touch my pen
  • held the waters of glacier in my hands and felt them between my toes
  • slept in my sleeping bag and my mummy slip in July
  • swam and played in Flathead Lake so clear that if you dropped a quarter in thirty feet of water, you could still see Washington’s head. I saw it exactly like this.
  • woke up with the sun casting its light over a lake shadowed by mountains without having to move from where I slept
  • wrote, wrote and wrote some more

I wish you all could have been there. Really I do.

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