So I counted and in reverence for that Ryan Adams guy, “I’ve got sixteen days and fifteen of those are nights.” I absolutely love that song. So I am taking it as a sign of good luck to be gone on vacation for that long.

We leave in mere hours. (Fifty-six, give or take.) Off Friday and not to be back until next month. That makes it sound like forever. Our first official stop will be somewhere north of Tucumcari to see the volcano site in New Mexico, Capulin Volcano. 60,000 years ago the sucker blew its top and left a perfect cone in the middle of the New Mexico landscape. Afterwards, we’ll head north through Colorado and up into Cheyenne. It won’t be long until I’ll be standing at the foot of the Grand Tetons. And, it wasn’t on our original planning list but we have added a couple of days in Yellowstone before the grand finale that is Montana and Glacier National Park. Each day I grow more enthusiastic. I have been jonesing for a real road trip for awhile and my little day trips just weren’t as fulfilling. I am working on a soundtrack for the trip.

There will be a million things to do along the way. A million pictures to try and capture the beauty and bigness of it all. A million new things to see and a million old ones left behind.

I am looking forward to the peace and quiet.

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