i am peeved.

I make no excuses for my own honesty.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to hear things that are hurtful and then saying thank you may I have some more. You are a walking contradiction. As for the rest…One is a mystery. One is a love without expectation and like no other. One was comfort I deserved. One was the love of my life so far. And so on goes the tale of love and lovers and being loved.

Eventually, I will decide to blaze a trail. It will be one of my choosing and it will be the one that leads me to the places I want. I will not walk just any trail laid before me. When I choose my current paths, I saw some other result that is for sure. But here’s the great thing about this time in my life. Today I embark on a new path. Tomorrow I’ll try another still. I’ll not get caught wearing down the roots and loose dirt on the trails of others. I am on the green grass where the cool soft blades, wet with dew, tickle the soft parts of my bare feet. I am taking the road less traveled and I go it alone now because I am searching for the real thing, the right thing, the good thing. I’ll not settle for anything less.

stop asking, stop baiting me, just stop.

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